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Slapdash Stories {1}

What is Slapdash Stories?

It’s a weekly, Saturday meme hosted by Lindsi at Books, Sweets, and other Treats

It’s simple. Grab your current read (or something you will be reading), and choose your favorite/random sentence from page 25. Do the same thing on pages 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200. Stack the sentences in numerical order and see what story unfolds. (It’s okay if your book doesn’t have 200 pages, but most books do.) And no spoiler sentences!

This is my first time to try this…  So here it goes…

So Shelly by Ty Roth
He was only fourteen years old, but at six feet and two inches tall, he could have easily passed for a college boy. (p 25)  Without a heads-up of any kind, she whipped the Tracker left into an open-all-night Denny’s, then right into a vacant parking space, before pressing purposely too heavily on the break, abruptly engaging Gordon’s seat belt, which pressed hard into his collarbone. (p 50)  Gordon spent much of those months driving with Catherine from one bookstore to the next for signings and meets and greets. (p 75)  Gordon reached inside and pulled out a handful of eight-track tapes, holding them as if he were handling recently unearthed dinosaur bones. (p 100)  “What did it look like?” (p 125)  I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he had in store for me. (p 150)  When Shelly lifted her eyes from the newsprint, it was as though she had been born again, and I actually thought that she was speaking in tongues.  (p 175)  We were friends. (p 200)  “Sort of.” (p 225)  “I know.  It was stupid.” (p 250)  We ran to the door and looked out past the dock toward the north, where we could see a cigarette boat, at least forty feet long, with its bow high out of the water and throwing a massive wake as it sped directly toward us. (p 275)  “That’s cool,” Gordon interrupted. (p 300)