TGIF! {2}

TGIF is a Friday feature hosted by Ginger at GReads!to recap the week on your blog and to answer a fun question.


This week’s question is:

Writing Negative Reviews: Are you guilty of it?

Hmmm… well my book blog is fairly new.  I just started posting my thoughts about books and everything related to them this month, so I haven’t gotten to a point yet that I have to write a negative review.  And am thankful for that (*wink*)!  Prior to book blogging, I do recommend books to my friends if they ask for my opinion.  Although I give them my point of views about the book, I tell them both the nice things and the not-so-nice stuff about the premise (if there is one).  I give them the pros and cons of buying and/or reading the book so that they’ll be the judges themselves.  I give out a balanced approach in providing feedback because at the end of the day, I may not be into the book, but others might find it awesome. ^_^




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I am a mom to a 2 year old boy and have an 8x5 job. I have been reading since pre-puberty stage. I remember one time when I was 7 or so, my mom gave me books for Christmas and I felt that I was the happiest kid ever! Then later on, it finally hit me. I am indeed what my friends call, a bookworm. Anyhow... so why did I start blogging about books? Well books are clearly my passion... AND I terribly miss writing and blogging... thus here it is! Why Book Comfort you might ask? Simply because I find comfort in books. View all posts by Yas

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